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I'm an Italian Cosplayer, fan of Lord of the Rings and Xena... I love Sci-fi and fantasy! I hope you like my cosplay!




Costume design concept art for Legolas from The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, Chronicles: Art & Design.

Thranduil pt.1 || pt.2

woah WOAH I want to see leggles wearing the designs of the third image second row (costume is fab and just look at that up hair do!)  and first image third row (dat hood!) O__o

this is just what I need

Wow *.*

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Happy Birthday Mr.Bloom, I am your fan since 2001.

I wanna say thank you for all your work in cinema,theatre and charity.

I am really proud to say that you are my hero.

In all such things, not concerned with the bringing forth of children, the neri and nissi (that is, the men and women) of the Eldar are equal — unless it be in this (as they themselves say) that for the nissi the making of things new is for the most part shown in the forming of their children, so that invention and change is otherwise mostly brought about by the neri. There are, however, no matters which among the Eldar only a ner can think or do, or others with which only a nis is concerned. 

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The first they heard was a noise like a hurricane coming down from the North; the pines on the mountain creaked and cracked in the hot, dry wind. He was a fire-drake from the North. Smaug had come!

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